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SUBJECT : Hyper-Change Era Requires “Creatinnovation”: Richard Branson   [ allforu62 ]   2010.10.13

‘Hyper-change’ is a new term that defines the new norm of the global industry recovering from the global financial crisis. As corporate innovation accelerates in the course of time, more and more industrial changes are occurring in a blink of eyes, reshaping competition. Cost cutting and

efficiency improvement are not enough to survive the era of hyper-change. What it takes the most of is creative innovation that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world.

That is why the World Knowledge Forum 2010 puts out a theme of ‘Creatinnovation= Creativity + Innovation.’ Global entrepreneurs with unprecedented and unconventional ways of thinking will gather at WKF 2010 to elucidate innovation paths and creative business ideas.

The icon of creative business management Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson will give a presentation on creative innovation that can create a blue ocean and the true meaning of creative management at 11:30 ~ 12:30 on Tuesday, October 12th.

Creativity is a word that is very synonymous with Branson. At the center of his business success and expansion, which vastly spans from music record production, entertainment, communications, aerospace, healthcare, beverage and space travel, there lie new ways of thinking that buck the conventional trend and take a different path from others.

Seemingly bold and reckless challenges by Branson do employ a clear principle. It is the creative innovation. Branson appeared in a military tank in the Times Square, the heart of New York City. It was a powerful marketing strategy for Virgin Cola. His marketing guru Philip Kotler, professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management called Branson “the greatest marketer of the era.”

What made Branson a successful businessman is radicalism and creativity. It is hard to find a CEO who is more radical and creative than Branson. He launched Virgin Galactic, the world’s first space tourism venture in 2004. Starting its first space travel at the end of the year, Virgin Galactic offers a trip to space for $200,000 per head. Not a long ago, Branson started a new project called “Virgle,” a combination of Virgin and Google, which is also an unheard-of business area that builds a residence for people on Mars.

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