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SUBJECT : Notice – February 2010 Edition   [ allforu62 ]   2010.08.31


WKF and Vision Korea National Conference

Seoul, Korea, February 2010 – Vision Korea
National Conference 2010 will be held on March 24, 2010, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The conference will take place at the Dynasty Hall in Shilla Hotel.

In response to new priorities, the organizing theme for the 17th Vision Korea National Conference is Upgrading Strategy for Koreas Agriculture and Farming. The infrastructure necessary for food security and sustainable growth is essential to meet the demands of 9 billion people by 2050. There are huge gains to be made from investment in better storage and transportation systems, thus minimizing waste and maximizing the amount of food reaching consumers.

The Vision Korea National Conference is one of the signature projects under the command of the Vision Korea Campaign. The
Vision Korea Campaign was launched in February 1997 after Maeil Business Newspaper expertly diagnosed the health of the sputtering economy, prescribing that Koreans needed a win-win national perspective on economic and social challenges that transcended short term policies and special interests. The purpose of the Vision Korea project is to present a direction that Korea should take in the 21st Century. By coming up with a comprehensive economic strategy for the nation through the contribution of international experts, the conference has formed a model for national management consulting, to diagnose Koreas economic crisis and present alternatives to overcome them. It called for a more coherent economic strategy -- implemented realistically - throughout business and industry. As a result, national VIPs, including former and current presidents, Chairman of Congress, and top business leaders, have participated in the past Vision Korea National Conferences to share and gain insights. Likewise, this years audience of the conference will consist of Koreas top 300 political, economic, and academic leaders.

Maeil Business Newspaper cooperates with global organizations and private firms to attain the Vision Korea Campaigns lofty goals, presenting comprehensive strategies and keeping the momentum in transforming Korea into a knowledge-based nation with over US$30,000 per capita income. The Forum is continuously updated to reflect the latest developments around the nation and I would like to emphasize the importance of your participation.

Vision Korea National Conference has become the hub for knowledge sharing and networking over the past years. The Conference committee is open to any suggestions and information regarding the theme of Upgrading Strategy for Koreas Agriculture and Farming. For questions or suggestions, please contact Cecilia Lee: +82 10 7133 4590 or

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