CEO Round Table: Crisis Management Sessions wkf2011 l 2011.09.15

Tom Albanese, Nishida Atsutoshi, Dennis Nally, Philip
Martens, John Rice (up to down, left to right)

Being shattered by the European sovereign debt crisis and U.S. credit downgrade, the global economy is undergoing a rapid contraction recently. Concerns that the recent fiscal turmoil would cast even darker shadow on the current economy than the U.S. financial crisis in 2008 are intensifying further into deep worries over a possible need for ‘redesign’ of the world economy. The 12th World Knowledge Forum (WKF) has invited business leaders and strategists who exercised excellent leadership in the dark tunnel of the global economy and asked them to provide crisis management solutions for the world to weather through the storm. Under the big title of ‘Global CEO Round Table,’ sessions arranged for the distinguishable speakers are such as follow: ‘Proactive Risk Management,’ ‘Global Balancing Strategy,’ ‘Crisis-Proof Brand Marketing’ and ‘The Secret Facts of Century-old Companies.’

Crisis Management 1: Proactive Risk Management

The first session of ‘Global CEO Round Table’ is ‘Proactive Risk Management,’ scheduled from 11:40 to 12:50 at Vista Hall on Tuesday, October 11th. In this session, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto Tom Albanese who is demonstrating outstanding crisis management skills will take part as a speaker. Albanese has earned a good reputation for his company. The Independent Newspaper in the UK once described Rio Tinto as one of the safest companies, saying its workers have fewer accidents than bank employees. Albanese fostered Rio Tinto as a world-class company that generated $60.3 billion in sales and $14.3 billion in net profit in 2010. Nishida Atsutoshi, Chairman of Toshiba, the second largest chipmaker in Japan, also deserves attention. Atsutoshi rescued a deficit-laden PC unit of Toshiba to generate surpluses in one year. Atsutoshi took office as Chairman in 2005. He is one of representative business leaders who turned a crisis into an opportunity as proved in Japan’s economic hardship dubbed the “lost decade”. Dennis Nally, Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited will also attend the first crisis management session. Nally, a consulting specialist in the computer and life science fields, is an experienced speaker who spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos and APEC CEO Summit.

Crisis Management 2: Global Balancing Strategy

As for another response measure against crises, the WKF presents a session titled ‘Global Balancing Strategy, from 17:10 to 18:30 at Vista Hall on Tuesday, October 11th. This session provides a chance for attendees to share know-how on overcoming crises by employing the so-called “select & focus” strategy during a global economic crisis. John Rice, CEO of Global Operation & Growth of GE, who believes that a company fearing a failure is no better than dead is one of major speakers at this session. Frank Kern, Senior Vice President of IBM`s Global Business Services, Philip Martens, President and CEO of Novelis Inc., and Hernan Lopez, President and CEO of Fox International Channels, will also attend the session as main speakers. Hans-Paul Buerkner, President and CEO of The Boston Consulting Group, will be leading this session as a moderator.

Crisis Management 3: Crisis-Proof Brand Marketing

In the ‘Crisis-Proof Brand Marketing’ session, from 13:50 to 15:10 at Vista Hall on Thursday, October 13th, marketing gurus will talk about the importance of brand marketing that stands out prominently during crises. The most distinctive speaker for the marketing session is Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of WPP, the world’s largest advertising company with annual earnings of $15 billion and employment of 140,000 workers in 107 countries. He has earned a reputation as a CEO who is good at crisis management, because he drove up the operating profit by 8% during the 2008 global financial crisis. Besides Sorrel, Craig Wightman, Design Director of Kinneir Dufort, Scott Coleman, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of DuPont and INSEAD Professor Jean-Claude Larreche will join the session to provide their insights.

Crisis Management 4: The Secret facts of Century-old Companies

The last crisis management session ‘The Secret Facts of Century-old Companies’ will be held from 09:00 to 10:10 at Grand Hall on Wednesday, October 12th. CEOs of multinational businesses operating for more than 100 years will appear as speakers. Sadayoshi Fujishige, President and Chief Executive Officer of LION Corporation, Carl Lukach, President of DuPont East Asia, and Pat Dawson, Asia Pacific President of The Dow Chemical Company, will be at the discussion table to offer considerable implications for South Korean businesses that are in need of effective breakthroughs.


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