Michael Sandel Discusses Justice & Morals in Asian Market wkf2011 l 2011.10.11

Maeil Business Newspaper invited Professor Michael Sandel of Harvard University to the 12th World Knowledge Forum, as a modern day philosopher who can point us towards new directions. Professor Sandel is scheduled to give a solo speech entitled ‘Justice, Money, and Markets: What is a Fair Society?’ from 09:00 to 10:10 at Vista Hall on Wednesday, October 12th. Sandel will talk about success of long-living corporations, which lies in their ability to change, adapt and transform together with the market. He will also apply his theory of justice to businesses and market. Professor Sandel will be throwing questions like how did the century-old companies get over crisis like great depression and financial crisis? As the industry life cycle shortens, what effort should company make to quickly respond to the market`s rapid change? To become a century-old company, what kind of leadership do they require? Would it be charismatic dictatorship like Steve Jobs or democratic decision-making structure?

The WKF asked Sandel to add his justice theory to the Asian economic growth model. The Asian economic growth model, the so-called “Asianomics”, in which states and businesses lead economic growth in collaboration, hasn’t yet been shaped philosophically. Sandel will ask you what kind of justice is needed for the Asian economic growth model at the WKF.


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