Michael Sandel to Discuss “Justice” in Asian Market WKF2011 l 2011.08.02

The recent series of financial crises cast grave doubt on the global market order based on the invisible-hand principle. The growing doubts on the market justice have triggered our efforts to seek new norms concerning morality, ethics, and justice in the market, which had been overlooked until recently.

Maeil Business Newspaper invited Professor Michael Sandel of Harvard University to the 12th World Knowledge Forum, as a modern day philosopher who can point us towards new directions. Hailed as “the most influential foreigner in Asia,” Michael Sanders is world-renowned for his sensational and unique lectures which have been transcribed into the worldwide bestseller “Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?” His works have had unprecedented success in reaching out to readers in South Korea, China, and Japan.

Professor Michael Sandel will share his sharp insights on moral dilemmas confronting us in the global economy during the forum. In particular, he will shed deeper light on the ‘justice’ of Asia, whose rapid economic development will push it towards the center stage of global economy.

[2011.08.02 Written by Won-seop Yoon - Samji Chung / edited by Soyoung Chung]

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