[Newsletter July 2011 Edition] 임지원 l 2011.07.25
The Renewal of the World Knowledge Forum Website
The public website for the 12th World Knowledge Forum is under construction. It is planned to be re-open at July 15th 2011. You will see who is coming this year with the theme for the 12th WKF. But synopsis and time table are going to be ready later than August. Within the web page, the early-bird registration for full forum (3 days) and INSEAD / NYU Stern Finance Master Class starts. Don’t hesitate to visit the website www.wkforum.org.

The 5th Young Knowledge Leader (YKL)
Each year, the World Knowledge Forum appoints some of talented university students to attend the World Knowledge Forum. This year turns the 5th generation, and 23 people are chosen to become the Young Knowledge Leader (YKL). Their role is mostly to promote the World Knowledge Forum with Social Network Services (SNSs) such as Twitter, Facebook, and etc. Of course, they are going to serve speakers during the WKF who cannot speak Koreans for occasions.

Africa Experts Forum & Korea-Africa Round Meeting
Compared to other nations, the awareness of Africa for Koreans is far behind. World recognize Africa as a rising sun, forecasting high economic growth rate in upcoming 10 years. In Africa, there are a lot of natural resource as well as potential growth engines such as workforce. To awake people and share knowledge with them, Maeil Business Newspaper organizes Africa related forums and meetings in the extent of the 18th Vision Korea ‘Colorful Africa’. These meetings were focused not on whether Korea invests on Africa or not, but on how we can invest effectively and efficiently. One of the participants said that the important matter that we should think for is to get to know Africa more and make appropriate development model which only Korea can provide. One of the examples can be Saemaul Movement. We organize not only the expert forum but also round meetings for general. We promise that this would not be the one time event.

13th Knowledge-based Innovation Awards
From 1999, Maeil Business Newspaper and Booz & Company supported knowledge management and discovered excellent practices in the field with ‘Knowledge-based Innovation Awards’. Joseph W. M. Kessels had interview with Maeil Business Newspaper that the core of knowledge management is passion management. After abandoning bureaucracy, the most important thing is to make the culture of organization to be more creative and let people use their knowledge passionately. From that culture, the invisible knowledge can be connected to the productivity of that organization. The Knowledge-based Innovation Awards is Korean version of annual Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) Award by Teleos. In 2011, the briefing session is held at June 30, and the award is going to be honored in early December.

Opening of ‘Oaasys’ Website
Under the moto of “Sharing Knowledge is worthwhile than money”, the Oaasys (www.oaasys.com) has opened its website. For this project, Maeil Business Newspaper collaborated with Ministry of Knowledge Economy, KT and Knowledge Cube for the purpose of giving knowledge to everyone. No matter what questions and inquiries people may have, they can come into the website, ask questions to professionals and get answers, and see lectures from the opinion leaders for free of charge. This web is originally designed to focus more on businessmen so that they can communicate online in more useful way.
*Please be noted that this website is based on Korean.