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[Notice] World Knowledge Forum homepage is newly updated.
WKF2012 | 2012.07.22 | File : -
The 13th World Knowledge Forum homepage has been newly updated in order to provide more information to the participants. We hope you to find useful information on WKF through our advanced interface. You will have access on detailed information on WKF anywhere and anytime by using smart phone and tablet PC applications that will be launched on early September for both Android and iPhone. All registrations are to be done through online, and its deadline is September 24.

Please visit our registration website below for more information.
Inquiries on registration: wkf_reg@mk.co.kr, +82-2-2000-2415
General inquiries: knowledge@mk.co.kr, +82-2-2000-2411~8, 2477, 2478

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